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/_Now Is The Time_\ /_Now Is The Time_\

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


good realy like techno so this fits my modo well

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WildeKeizer responds:

I love Techno too!

==(Lost in Space)== ==(Lost in Space)==

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well I like this one more than I liked Process. This one wasn't as random. But it was damn quiet most of the song. I struggled to hear most of the sounds.

It starts off really quiet. Some background noises. Light percussion was nice. I'm liking that effect too. It basically is the same, for a minute, except a arping synth I was able to pull out.

Finally, I an easier hear the melodies and pads. But about 4 seconds. Then it stops =/ That huge percussion sound isn't doing much for me. Kind of ruined it. Then just ends on a synth melody. Although it sounded pretty good.

I definitely think you could have done so much more with this song. The beginning is good, but goes on too long, and the climax is way too short. Put some more highs on that percussion, it will give it a sharper sound, and Lower the percussion near the end.

Although I could totally see this in like a videogame or movie.

-MenialConstruct (haha alts)

Buoy responds:

well if it's low you could always like turn up your volume, but if you have it at max, sorry for that :P

Maybe I could do a lot more with the song, but I didn't know about anything more to add, or change. but maybe I should make a new and better version later.

Thanks for the review!

[snayk] the great below [snayk] the great below

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great song

I love this song by nine Inch Nails. It continues to be one of my favorites. You did a good job covering it too. If I didn't know any better and you through vocals in I would have thought it was the original.

Starts off nicely with a pad. Although it didn't have the guitar part like the original. The string stabs were a nice touch, added a bit of originality to it.

The piano I assume made up for the vocals as it followed the same melody as the singing. The next part of it when the drums came in sounded real nice. The drums were much like the original.

Much like your "The Frail" it really didn't hange much from the original, although the original kicked ass anyway. Great job keep up the good work.


snayk responds:

Yeah, as I was making them I knew that they were quite close to the originals. I tend to emulate when I remake music :P

I couldn't get a good guitar sample to sound like the one used in the original song (or I didn't try hard enough), so I just made something similar. Although, I realize now that the guitar is too quiet in the earlier part of the song.

I didn't use piano to replace all the vocal melodies - just that one. I left some of them out because I didn't think they'd sound right.

Choosing how to arrange a cover without vocals is a very important thing because you don't want to bore the listeners. For this reason, I made the song slightly shorter.

Thanks a lot for the great review :) I'm glad you listened in and enjoyed it.

Mid Evil March Mid Evil March

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Classical eh?

Well, I'm not sure if this is your first try at classical style piece, but is a pretty damn good one at it. Definitely had a movie score sound to it.

Starts off with a nice string sound. Not very optimistic sound, sort of a sad sound. It soon moves to a deeper string sound and some percussion. Those are some good soundfonts I assume.

It starts to build up nicely. Percussion gets louder and strings brighten. Nice addition of the glockenspiel.

Well it seems to start to build up nicely, but almost like it is missing a level of height. I'm not entirely sure why I feel that way, but thought I might point it out.

Anyways there is some great instrumentation and composition in this piece. You did a really good job compared to your "usual" style. I think you should continue writing orchestral based music.


Father-of-Death responds:

yay! I've done very few classical songs in the past but i'm in band so i based this sorta off alot of songs we've played!

thank you alot for your review!!! :)

{Colossus} {Colossus}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice mix of genres. They flow perfectly and mix to creat an orginal sound. All of a sudden a fast beat and qucik melody goes to a slow classical sound. It is quiet amazing. It had me guessing where it was going to go. I was pleaently supirsed at the third part of the song it almsot reminded me of matrix music of somne sort. You get an A+

p.s. needs more cowbell :D


could ya check my new song up man, be aprreiated =)

a.p. - MRAC06 - Nov - (cover) a.p. - MRAC06 - Nov - (cover)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That is a sick beat there. It is a pretty cool song and it is pretty hard to take someone elses song nad not change anything from the melody and bass. Im probally going to try this, especially after hearing this. It has very nice potential, but thens its over. Good song though.


hit me back plz

attemptedperfection responds:

haha, yeah, I definitely could've developed this more, but... I mean, it's not really my melody/bassline, so I didn't want to put all that effort into something I can't even call my own original song, you know?
but I'm glad it entertained/inspired you.
thanks for the review!

SS - Dying Away SS - Dying Away

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hmm what a very odd song. Very strange melody throughout the song. Kind of like its asking a question and waiting for the rest of the song to answer. Then a simple bass drum came in and other drums came in. Neat effects on the drums.

It was pretty cool song but it was way strung out longer than it really needed to be. It didn't really seem to go anywhere, where it could have developed into an amzing ambient piece. I was a bit dissapointed. Still a cool track.


btw I love your name =)

_-={The Spread of Chaos}=-_ _-={The Spread of Chaos}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Epic

Wow, very deep and epic track. It is very cool sounding. I loved this alot. I have t osay it is a really well composed piece, with great samples to match. Everything about the song is great, and I lvoed every aspect, from the percussion to the violins. Well, keep doing what your doing becuase im loving it. =)


MaestroRage responds:

Glad you liked it Menial! I think I may have floundered the volume levels in this piece, it jumps from those violins to these really loud choirs and second segment... I may have to submit a redone version sometime, but the overall story is still the same yes?

Thank you for the review ^^. I'll keep doing what I think I know I'm doing.

wave to... wave to...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Im impressed with this piece. When it first started up, I was wondering what an odd beat for a lullaby. Then when the vocals came in, my whole thought proccess changed. They were very beautiful vocals with a nice guitar sound accompaning it. It had nice but odd bass, with off tune notes which gave a bit of character. Then again with the strange drumbeat for this type of song, but seemed perfect at the same time.

Well... I have no advice to give to you, so good job.


A review back would be appreciated^_^

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

nice 1 dudeski

{Rose} {Rose}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ha, cool track man. That beat really got me going. The nice melow pads were a nice touch, to such a harsh trane song. By the time the fast synth solo came in, I was amazed. This is a really cool track. I like the mix orchestral-trance, it has a really nice sound.



a review bak would be appreciated ^_^

cornandbeans responds:

:D jajajaja

Of course you get a cookie in return. :) thanks for the review.